People who I have shared grants with

Adrian Barbu (FSU), Elias Bareinboim (Purdue), Terry Boult (UCCS), Joyce Chai (UMichigan), Jason Cong (UCLA), Stuart Geman (Brown), Tao Gao (UCLA), Pablo Garcia (SRI), Tim Groeling (UCLA), Abhinav Gupta (CMU), Martial Hebert (CMU), Derek Hoiem (UIUC), Nancy Kanwisher (MIT), Daphane Koller (Stanford), Feifei Li (Stanford), Jitendra Malik (UC Berkeley), Mike Miller (JHU), Judea Pearl (UCLA), Pietro Perona (Caltech), Deva Ramanan (UC Irvine), Brian Scholl (Yale), Kevin Skadron (UV), Francis Steen (UCLA), Josh Tenenbaum (MIT), Sinisa Todorovic (Oregon State), Antonio Torralba (MIT), Ying Wu (Norhtwestern), Yingnian Wu (UCLA), Alan Yuille (UCLA), Cheng Zhai (UIUC).

Ph.D. Students supervised

Zhuowen Tu[CS] Ph.D. 2002Image Parsing by Data-Driven Markov Chain Monte Carlo.
Cheng-En Guo[CS] Ph.D. 2004A Mathematical Theory for Texton and Primal Sketch.
Adrian Barbu[CS] Ph.D. 2005Cluster Sampling and Its Applications in Segmentation, Stereo and Motion
Yizhou Wang[CS] Ph.D. 2005Modeling Complex Motion: Photometric, Geometric, Topological, and Dynamic Aspects
Feng Han[CS] Ph.D. 2005Computing 3D Scene From A Single Image by Bottom-up/Top-Down Bayesian Inference
Romeo Maciuca[Stat] Ph.D 2006MCMC Analysis: First Hitting Times, Visiting Scheme, and Auxiliary Variables
Zijian Xu[Stat] Ph.D 2007A Hierarchical Compositional Model for Representation and Sketching of High-resolution Human Images
Kent Shi[Stat] Ph.D 2009Mapping Natural Image Patches by Explicit and Implicit Manifolds
Jacob Porway[Stat] Ph.D 2010A Hierarchical and Contextual Model for Learning and Recognizing Highly Variant Visual Categories
Zhangzhang Si[Stat] Ph.D 2011 Learning And-Or Templates for Object Recognition by Information Projection
Mingtian Zhao[Stat] Ph.D 2011A Statistical and Computational theory for the Art of Painting
Tianfu Wu[Stat] Ph.D 2011Integration and Goal-guided Scheduling of Bottom-up and Top-Down Computing Processes in Hierarchical Models
Benjamin Yao[Stat] Ph.D 2011 Learning Spatial-Temporal Models for Understanding Actions and Events in Video
Wenze Hu[Stat] Ph.D 2012Integrating 3D and 2D Representations for View-invariant Object Recognition
Brandon Rothrock[CS] Ph.D 2013Stochastic Image Grammars for Human Pose Estimation
Maria Pavlovskaia[Stat] Ph.D 2014Mapping Highly Non-convex Energy Landscapes in Clustering, Grammar and Curriculum Learning
Jungseock Joo[CS] Ph.D 2015Visual Persuasion in Mass Media: A Computational Framework for Understanding Visual Communication
Yibiao Zhao[Stat] Ph.D 2015A Quest for Visual Commonsense: Scene Understanding by Functional and Physics Reasoning
Seyoung Park[CS] Ph.D 2016Attribute Grammar for Joint Parsing of Human Attribute, Part and Pose
Amy Morrow[Stat] Ph.D 2016Learning and Inferring Perceptual Causality from Videos
Dan Xie[Stat] Ph.D 2016Inferring the Intentions and Attentions of Agents from Videos.
Weixin Li[CS] Ph.D 2017Joint Image-Text Topic Detection and Tracking for Analyzing Social and Political News Events
Bruce Nie[Stat] Ph.D 2017Spatial-Temporal Hierarchical Model for Joint Learning and Inference of Human Action and Pose
Yang Lu[Stat] Ph.D 2017Coupling and Learning Hierarchical Generative and Descriptive Models for Image Synthesis and Analysis
Chengcheng Yu[Stat] Ph.D 2017Single View 3D Scene Reconstruction Using Visual Commonsense
Hang Qi[CS] Ph.D 2018Joint Spatial, Temporal, and Causal Inference and Restricted Turng Test via Storyline Queries
Yixin Zhu[Stat] Ph.D 2018Visual Commonsense Reasoning: Functionality, Physics, Causality, and Utility
Yuanlu Xu[CS] Ph.D. 20193D Scene and Event Understanding by Joint Spatial and Temporal Inference and Reasoning
Siyuan Qi[CS] Ph.D. 2019Task-oriented Visual Understanding of Scenes and Events
Nishant Shukla[CS] Ph.D. 2019Utility Learning, Non-Markovian Planning, and Task-Oriented Programming Language
Tianmin Shu[Stat] Ph.D. 2019Social Scene Understanding: ?Group Activity Parsing, Human-Robot Interactions, and Perception of Animacy
Yang Liu[Stat] Ph.D. 2019Learning Fluents for Task Representation
Tao Yuan[Stat] Ph.D. 2019A Cognition Platform for Joint Inference of 3D Geometry, Object States, and Human Belief
Mitchell Hill[Stat] Ph.D. 2020Learning and Mapping Energy Functions of High-Dimensional Image Data
Hangxin Liu[CS] Ph.D.2021Robot Imitation by Action Understanding, Mirroring, and Interactions
Siyuan Huang[Stat] Ph.D. 2021Human-like Hollistic 3D Scene Understanding
Xu Xie[Stat] Ph.D. 2021?Robot Learning from Interactions with Physics-realistic Environment: Constructing Big Task Platform for Training AI Agents
Zilong Zheng[CS] Ph.D. 2021Multimodal Conversation Modeling via Neural Perception, Structure Learning, and Communication
Feng Shi[CS] Ph.D. 2021Adaptive AI algorithms & Unified Hardware Acceleration
Lifeng Fan[Stat] Ph.D. 2021A Hierarchical Computational Framework for Social Interaction Understanding
Tengyu Liu[CS] Ph.D. 2021Hierarchical Modeling of Human-Object Interactions: from Concurrent Action Parsing to Physics-Based Grasping
Ruiqi Gao[Stat] Ph.D. 2021Effective Learning of Descriptive and Generator Models and Learning Representations for Grid Cells and V1 Cells
Erik Nijkamp[Stat] Ph.D. 2021Learning Descriptive and Generative Models with Short-Run MCMC
Mark Edmonds[CS] Ph.D. 2021Learning How and Why: Causal Learning and Explanation from Physical, Interactive, and Communicative Environments
Arjun Akula[Stat] Ph.D. 2021Gaining Justified Human Trust by Improving Explainability in Vision and Language Reasoning Models
Luyao Yuan[CS]on Communicative Learning and Referential Game for Concept Learning
Xiaofeng Gao[Stat]on Multi-agent Collaborations and Explainable AI
Yixin Chen[Stat]Holistic Scene and Event Parsing
Chi Zhang[CS]A Unified Framework for Concept Learning from Few Examples: IQ-Test and Number Sense
Shu Wang[Stat]Fluent Calculus and Task Space in Real World Scenes
Qing Li[Stat]Language Grounding and Alignment in Multi-Agent System
Sirui Xie[CS]The Interactions and Convergence of U and V
Pan Lu[CS]Scenario-Based Problem Solving with Joint Image-Text parsing and Commonsense Reasoning
Ziyuan Jiao[ME]Robot Manipulation, Causal Action Planning and Motion Planning
Baoxiong Jia[CS]Joint Scene and Event Parsing and Prodiction
Zeyu Zhang[CS]Tool Manipulation
Yizhou Zhao[Stat]Learning and Communication in Multi-agent System
Steven Gong[CS]Scenario-Based Problem Solving
Muzhi Han[ME]Robot Action Planning based on Scene Understanding and Cognitive Reasoning
Jonathan Mitchell[CS]Joint Scene and Activity Understanding
Liang Qiu[EE]Social and Conversational Agents
Yining Hong[CS]Neural Symbolic Reasoning, Automated Math Problem Solving and Commonsense Reasoning
Xiaojian Ma[CS]Robotics and Multi-agent Systems
Dequan Kong[Stat]Statistical Modeling and Learning
Xu Chao[Stat]Scene Understanding
Qian Long[CS]Multi-Agent Systems

Postdocs supervised

Xiuwen LiuPostdoc 1999-2000Texture modeling and Julesz ensemble
Hong ChenPostdoc 2003-2006Human face, hair, and cloth modeling and sketching
Haifeng GongPostdoc 2007-2009Intrackability: An information Theoretical Criterion for pursuing Hybrid Video Representations
Liang LinPostdoc 2007-2009Layered Graph Matching
Mingtao PeiResearch Associate 2009-2011Event understanding and Intent Prediction in Video
Tianfu WuPostdoc 2011-2014Decision policy and learning and-or graph for object detection and tracking.
Bo ZhengResearch Associate 2012-20133D scene parsing by reasoning physical stability and risk
Kewei TuPostdoc 2012-2014Joint video and text parsing, query answering, and grammar learning
Xiaobai LiuPostdoc 2013-2015Attributed grammar for scene understanding, camera calibration and 3D reconstruction
Caiming XiongPostdoc 2014-2015Robot Learning from demonstrations.
Wei LiangResearch Associate2013-2015, Container recognition and causality inferrence
Quanshi ZhangPostdoc 2014-2018Webscale lifelong Communicative Learning.
Ping WeiPostdoc 2015-2017Inferring the Mind of Agents in Video: Belief, Intent, and Attention
Jianwen XiePostdoc 2016-2017Generative and Decriptive Models (Deep Networks) for Learning
Changsong LiuPostdoc 2016-2018Communicative Learning and Situated Dialogues
Yixin ZhuPostdoc 2018-2020Cognitive Robots
Keze WangPostdoc 2018-2020Explainable AI and Learning with small labelled examples

Visiting Ph.D students supervised at UCLA

Zhi HanVisiting Ph.D Student 2009-2011Video Primal Sketch: A Middle Level Generic Representation of Video
Shuo WangVisiting Ph.D Student 2011-2013Scene Modeling and Recognition with Tangram Model
Ping WeiVisiting Ph.D Student 2011-2012Modeling 4DHOI and Concurrent Action and Affordance
Jifeng DaiVisiting Ph.D Student 2012-2013Unsupervised learning for co-segmentation and image parsing
Li BoVisiting Ph.D Student 2014-2016Modeling Occlusion for vehicle detection, parsing, and fluent reasoning.
Wenguan WangVisiting Ph.D Student 2016-2018Joint parsing of human poses, attributes and actions by QA learning
Zhenliang ZhangVisiting Ph.D Student 2017-2019Mixed reality for robot learning.
Zhixiong NanVisiting Ph.D Student 2017-2019Visual attention and intention inference
Many students were co-supervised at Microsoft Research Asia and Lotus Hill Institute during 1998-2010.